Free Masks for New Orleans Residents

If you have THREE STAMPS you can get a FREE MASK

frequently ask questions

How do I know if my order was recieved?

You will recieve an email within 48 hours of your request.  Please make sure you enter your correct email in the field provided.  If you do not you will not recieve instructions on what to do next.

Where are my financial donations going?

Please click here to view all financial donations.  All donations are going to purchase material, and in some cases to compensate the folks working to provide this service.  We will update this tab as money is being spent.  Remember this is a grass roots we are NOT an established business or nonprofit.  

What size envelope do I need to send in?

A standard envelope is fine.  You do not need to send legal or larger sized envelopes

How Many masks can I order?

Currently you can only request 4 per order.

Can I select Color?

Not at the moment.  Your orders are filled with the inventory that we have.

Can I select Size?

Not currently.  These are made to fit an adult.  We do not currently make sizes that fit children.

Can I select Material?

Not at the moment. Your orders are filled with the inventory that we have.

How long does it take to recieve my request?

Depending on our inventory it can take up to two weeks from the day you requested an order to the day you recieve it.  You will be notified via email as soon as your order is being shipped back out to you.  NOTE: This might change over time depending on the demand.